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Kruthvi Lifesciences

About Us

Know Our Story And How We Work.

Kruthvilifesciences, is A Contract Research organization, headquartered in Hyderabad, India, is lead by an Experienced Leadership Team and It’s emerging customer-focused organization providing high quality building blocks and research chemicals to the pharmaceutical industry and academic institutions.

Our Services


Custom Synthesis

  • Synthesis of target molecules on mg to Kg scale based on client requirement
  • Custom synthesis of complex and new target molecules
  • Library molecules and synthesis

  • Experience in synthesis of Heterocyclic compounds

Reaction Capabilities

  •  High-temperature reactions at 220 °C

  •  Nitration (0-100 C) & Reduction (Sn&HCl, Fe&HCl, Pd/C, N2H4.H2O&Pd/C, Sodiumthionite &DDQ)

  • Highly volatile Cyclopropene ring formation with Ethyl Diazoactate and alkyne

  • Transition metal reactions (Suzuki, Sonagashira, Stille and Buchwald–Hartwig Coupling)

  • Functionalized Thiophene compounds